About Me

I began Naturally Nickel-Free because I wanted to serve customers like myself, who have a nickel allergy, and who also enjoy wearing unique jewelry.

I consider myself to be a wire artist who also uses beads.  You could say that the beads were what drew me in, but now that I'm involved in the process of making the jewelry, I find that it's the wire that really makes the jewelry come alive. The bead sets the color, but the wire sets the style. I am fascinated by very elemental things about the jewelry - like how a line becomes a shape, and makes something new and original, and how texture, color, form, and function all work together to create a whole. I find there is much in common between all artists, everywhere.

My discovery of wire art was almost an accident. It was the result of research I began doing after many years of having a nickel allergy, combined with the discovery (at just the right moment) that wire wrapping is a whole lot of fun. I had long been frustrated with incomplete answers I would get about my skin irritation. It was becoming more difficult to ignore my rash or avoid all things that are metal. Learning that my irritation to jewelry was an allergy, that my allergy was caused by nickel, and that nickel is entirely avoidable, was a process that took me years.

As I began to discover how common the allergy really is, I was certain I could shorten the learning curve for a lot of people out there, and also provide jewelry that they (that's you) could actually wear.  If you have a nickel allergy, or any skin irritation caused by metal, I hope you will take a little time and read some of the resources I've compiled. Besides this site, my blog may have information you would be interested in.

I prioritize a work / life balance which I have been privileged to be able to achieve.  I believe that one of life's secrets is work as you live, and to live as you work. 

My husband of 25 years is owner and operator of a local, independent computer business, CW Smith Computer Services.  He also writes music, plays guitar and bass, in addition to a smorgasbord of other instruments. Our daughter, now in college, majors in Mechanical Engineering. I love the smart, loving and energetic person that she is becoming. Growing my daughter has been my greatest work. 

My other important creative endeavor is fiddling (Old-Time Appalachian), which has begun to take on a more significant role for me, as my skills grow. My day job as a substitute teacher with Des Moines Public Schools is my day job, which still allows me the flexibility to grow my jewelry business, improve my music, and even occasionally have lunch with my husband. 

Our cats, Sophie, Roxy, and Jasper (not to be ignored) are each unique characters, and keep our circus running. 

Creating keeps life new.  Enjoy the ride.

Yours in Peace,


Donna Jo Wallace, owner/artisan • Des Moines, Iowa 



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