Photo Gallery

I have chosen this group of jewelry to show you fairly randomly, but I hope it represents a variety of jewelry from my collection. Not all of these are currently available. To see exactly what is for sale rignt now, or to arrange your custom order, just check out my website, or drop me a question. Thanks for looking!

Lapis Lazuli NecklaceAmethyst Bead Bracelet Argentium Sterling SilverBanded Agate Loop Niobium EarringsStacking Ring Trio in Argentium Sterling SilverGreen Leaf Jasper Cord NecklaceNiobium Hoops Anodized Gradient ColorsPicture Jasper Niobium NecklaceWhite Glass Floral Niobium Post DanglesLapis Lazuli Niobium Horseshoe BraceletLabradorite Earrings with Argentium SpiralArgentium Bundle Wrap Chain NecklaceShell Post Hoop Earrings Anodized Pink YellowOnyx Wire Wrapped Niobium Pendant Leather Cord NecklaceNiobium Ear CurlsPeridot Niobium Hoop Dangle EarringsSodalite Bead Necklace and Bracelet ComboDouble Dangle Hoop Earrings, Anodized NiobiumRiver Creek Jasper Niobium Dangle BraceletQuartz Teardrop Earrings with Purple Niobium EarwiresGarnet Loop n Latch Earrings with Gold CloverGreen Lace Agate Necklace with Niobium ChainAntique Green Glass Niobium Horseshoe Bracelet

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